Functional Technologies Ltd. specializes in implementing technology of all sorts for business and personal uses. The functional part means we get technology working for you. We've been doing that since the turn of the century.

We have many years of experience with all sorts of computing technologies, right from mainframes to PC's and embedded processors to networks and software design. If off-the-shelf software needs tweaking for you we can do that with our experience in many programming languages and development environments. Sometimes this is just a simple add-on to Excel to automate your business processes, or it may involve development of a database and associated applications along with some specialized hardware to meet your needs.

This is not limited to the usual software development and support areas. We deal with hardware (we even do some soldering) right from transistors and chip-sized embedded process up to large servers and networks. This means we can implement complete solutions for you even when off-the-shelf hardware won't quite do the trick.

We specialize in making the solutions we provide functional in your business. We are not just a couple of computer geeks that can write some code and hobble something together for you that will work if you know a bunch of arcane commands . We know how to make a solution reliable and easy to use so you can do your job instead of fighting with the technologies (that's our job). We provide documentation and procedures that will smoothly integrate technology into your business.

We can also solve problems in your existing systems. With experience in many hardware and software platforms, we can figure out that thing that doesn't always work for you and get you back to running your business. Our clients have ranged from individuals to small pre-schools to retail businesses to large corporations where our innovative solutions have helped maximize the return on their technology investments. We are proud of the fact that we spend very little time supporting what we develop.

By the way, we do know how to build pretty fancy websites, but we are a bit like the barefooted shoemaker's son, when it comes down to a choice of working on our own website, or taking the motorcycles out for a ride in the mountains. Well, we're out riding. Truth be told, our business grows from referrals from our network of very satisfied customers. Sorry, but the customer portions of our website are not available to the public.

For more information on our products, services and skill sets please contact us at: